Suspense Motion Picture Directed By Dror Soref

Suspense Motion Picture Directed By Dror Soref

Movie lovers searching for a highly acclaimed thriller are now able to watch "Not Forgotten" on Amazon Instantaneous Video.
The movie takes place on the Texas-Mexico border and shows the story of a plot including a cult that is ritualistic. The protagonist Port Bishop's (Simon Baker of THE MENTALIST) shadowy past is gradually discovered as the kidnapping case unravels.

regarding dror soref  excellent video producerToby is kidnapped by an unknown perpetrator leading to the engagement of the neighborhood authorities and and in the end the FBI. The FBI begins searching in Jack's past only to seek out he does not have any established records dating back further than a decade, and there isn't any evidence demonstrating how his wife had died About Dror Soref who is highly regarded in relation to film or where she was entombed.

The film was famous for being the sole accessibility acquired for US distribution from that year.

Variety magazine stated the film "satisfies as a solidly designed and articulately played thriller that relies more on shadowy strategies than black-magic" while The Hollywood Reporter commented, "Maybe Not Forgotten reminds you of a paperback book you pick up in the airport...where the cover promises a pulp-ish combination of suspense, murder and...the story is so engrossing, you wish the flight were lengthier."

This critically-acclaimed movie was called a mystery thriller that was dark, frightening and previously received several 5-star ratings and rave critiques.

In particular, one viewers had this to say concerning the film:

"Not Neglected is a great journey. The intriguing plot twists and strong performances by Simon Baker (from tv's The Mentalist) and Paz Vega take viewers on a journey of conspiracy. Mixing actions, terror and suspense - a few jokes are also thrown in by the film makers. I'm normally quite a good predictor of turns, but did not notice this one coming. Exploring the dark religion of La Santa Muerte is fascinating but affecting. A couple of keystrokes on the web will just take users to an informative web site about Santa Muerte to read more regarding it's history."

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